About Us

Originally founded in 1996, PETSCORT has grown into the preeminent family owned-and-operated business of Rhode Island that provides exceptional pet care service and caters to all kinds of pets and their owners. Historically, PETSCORT has cared for a variety of dogs, cats, rabbits, small mammals, birds, fish, and reptiles. Currently operating in Tiverton, Portsmouth, Middletown, and Newport, owners Michelle and Troy Pasquale along with the PETSCORT team have collectively earned an impeccable reputation as pet care professionals spanning nearly 20 years!

  • It is our pledge, to “just focus” on the holistic needs of your pet(s) and leave you with the peace of mind they will be well cared for, properly exercised, and socialized under our expert supervision. We promise to treat your pet like a member of the family, the PETSCORT family, while enjoying the comforts of a secure and safe environment, whether it be ours or yours.
  • It is our motto to “ just call” for a PETSCORT, AKA, an escort for your pet. You need it and your pet deserves it!
  • It is our philosophy to “just ask” as we are dedicated to supporting your individual needs during times of work, travel, or the running of errands. We will always try our best to accommodate special requests so please don’t hesitate to ask.
  • It is our mission to “just help” as we are dedicated to building a deep, joyful, and unique connection with each and every client, whether furry or human.

is bonded and insured.
In this website you will find all the information needed to choose the services that best suit your family. Our family can be contacted several ways during business hours. Click Here to Contact Us.

From our family to yours, we look forward to caring for your pets!
The Pasquale Family

Michelle Pasquale

Michelle is the owner of Petscort and proud to be married to her business partner, and partner in life, Troy. She first started Petscort because her own pets were the loves of her life and nothing brought more amusement than romping with her dogs and playing with her cats. Through her business she gets to experience many kinds of pets which continue to fill her life with joy and happiness. She has a consuming quest for pet knowledge and her ongoing “pet-ucation” is obtained by attending regional seminars, global webinars, and through the extensive reading of pet literature. Michelle loves being outdoors and surrounded by nature and can’t imagine having any other job!


Troy Pasquale

Troy supports a variety of services provided by Petscort, and as a business partner has helped expand this family run business since 2005.  He is married to Michelle and they work together enjoying time walking, playing with, and giving special care to all of your pets.  Troy previously gained great experience and training as a volunteer at the Potter League in Middletown.  He is a true animal lover and believes absolutely nothing beats working outdoors and caring for animals.  It’s a dream come true to have a wonderful and thriving family business with Michelle!

Kim Gentry

Kim has been a member of the Petscort family since the summer of 2012 and has always engaged with animals in some capacity. Whether through her own pet family, volunteering, through pet assisted therapy, or animal advocacy, words cannot seem to do justice to how honored and grateful she feels to be able to take care of these beautiful angels. She feels blessed to be a part of the pet care industry!

Gigi Bessinger

Gigi LOVE’s animals! She is a Portsmouth native and proud owner of a senior yellow lab named Rufus and his sister, a rescue kitty named Paz.  She feels truly honored to count them as part of her family.  She is also excited to be part of the Petscort family, a job which allows her to fulfill a lifelong passion to care for and work with animals on a daily basis. She believes every creature has their own unique personality as we do and looks forward to meeting and caring for your beloved pets! As a former and professional chef for over twenty years, working in both corporate and local kitchens, she is able to translate management and customer service skill sets into the pet care industry, and may even have some secret tricks to cook up a healthy recipe for gourmet pet treats!

Ashley Botelho

Ashley is the mom of two awesome kids, a wife and an avid nature and animal lover! As a Reiki Master Teacher, her experience is centered in the health and well-being of both humans (young and old) and animals. Being a sensitive person, she has always felt an exceptionally strong connection to animals and has become very keen on the energetic environment.  Her naturalistic observations help to quickly notice important details in a situation- such as changes in body language, health and behavior, that aid her in recognizing your pets specific needs. In addition to embodying empathy and patience, her organizational skills, attention to detail and the ability to multi-task assist her in providing the best all around care for your beloveds. She is so grateful to be entrusted with your pets love, care and overall happiness!

Jessie Grimmitt

Jessie was born in Newport and graduated from Middletown High School before moving to Connecticut and graduating from the University of New Haven. While growing up on Aquidneck Island, the people in her family were outnumbered by dogs. So many dogs. She began her career as a  lifelong hustler by selling cold bottles of water on the Cliff Walk, providing refreshment to summertime strollers on hot days. She moved on to pet care and has been enjoying the company of her four-legged friends since she was 14. In fact, dogs are her favorite people. Jessie also has a CDL and drives a school bus part-time. Some of Jessie’s favorite things are peanut butter, time spent outdoors in nature, painting and crafting, and of course, long walks with furry friends. She loves to bake, sharing her desserts with anyone in the general vicinity. She’s hard to miss as she cruises the Island in her Ford Racing Red Transit van. Honk if you need pet care!



Owen Pasquale

Owen has grown up with Petscort, sharing his home and more and more of his time with dogs, cats, and other animals throughout the area.  He recently graduated from Tiverton High School and continues to explore the world’s possibilities while he enjoys time working with your pets.  Whatever life brings, he’s certain animals will be part of his future!

Elliott Pasquale

Elliott may be the newest member of the Pasquale family to be on the actual payroll, but he was born into this business – literally.  He arrived in this world a little earlier than expected, and his mom needed to care for a one of her feline clients before they could go home from the hospital. He seemed happy to tag along and he’s been involved with the animals coming and going from the house ever since.  Elliott is still in high school, and is working hard on his studies, along with finding time for surfing, basketball, and lacrosse.  He loves all the furry clients he now spends time with, and walking the dogs keeps him active and adds some income for all that sports gear.

Holly McCulley

Holly is a native Newporter and is the proud “mom” to her 14-year-old Cockalier, Lacey.  She has always had a love for animals, and grew up with dogs, cats, guinea pigs, hamsters, birds, fish, you name it!!  Holly and her high school sweetheart/husband Frank have had three dogs; two Cockapoos, Ashley and Reese, and currently her adorable Cockalier, Lacey.  She recently “retired” from the medical field after working in local Physician’s offices for the past 28 years.   During that time she also cared for dogs and cats for her family, friends, and neighbors. Holly joined the Petscort family in January, 2023 and absolutely loves caring for your pets!!

Kelsie Andrade

Kelcie, a wife and mother of two, grew up in Tiverton, RI and studied Wildlife Conservation Biology at the University of Rhode Island.  She has 3 cats and a bearded dragon and has been working professionally with animals for over a decade.  Currently, Kelcie is a nail clipper and dog walker for Petscort, as well as a tour guide at the Lizzie Borden house in Fall River, MA and a copy editor for US Ghost Adventures.  Her hobbies include arts and crafts, photography, and witchcraft.  Someday she hopes to finish her degree and become a wildlife biologist and rehabilitator and run a sanctuary.


Gina D.

Gina has seven years of pet care experience and has been working for Petscort since 2021. She is extremely busy with work and hobbies.  She runs a sustainable fashion business and enjoys sewing and embroidering.  Gina loves black cats and hound dogs, but she is thrilled to work with any of your pets and will love them all the same.

Moira Willis

Meet Moira. With a passion for animals and a wealth of experience, Moira has dedicated her life to providing top-notch care for pets of all shapes and sizes. She understands that pets are cherished members of the family, and treats them with the love, attention, and respect they deserve. Born and raised on Aquidneck Island, Moira has always had an innate connection with animals. From an early age, she found solace and joy in their company. This love led her to pursue a career centered around pet care. With over 10 years of pet care experience, Moira has become a seasoned expert in the world of pet sitting and dog walking. She has cared for a wide variety of pets, including dogs, cats, birds, reptiles, and small mammals. Her expertise ranges from managing the unique needs of different breeds to administering medication and catering to special dietary requirements. Moira is here to make sure your pets feel safe, happy, and loved.

Grace Portley

Grace, from Bristol RI, has a Rhodesian Ridgeback named Kai and a Scottish Fold named Katherine, equipping her to love pets of all sizes! Grace has a passion for being in nature, and loves hiking, picnics, and spending time with friends, both furry and non furry! She is currently pursuing an elementary education degree at the University of Rhode Island, and has a passion for helping anyone in need.

Lara Mercer

Lara has been a year veterinary technician for over 12 years, and is a lover of all animals.  She is one of those people that will notice a dog before she notices who is with the dog. Previously, she worked in the music industry and backstage she tended to ignore the musicians and focus on their dogs.
Her greatest joy in taking care of dogs, was helping to care for a paralyzed dog. He was the happiest, most handsome, and amazing client she ever had.  He rocked his wheel chair better than some humans do.  She is a lover of travel, music and has a passion for photography.  She loves to take pictures of any animal she can find.  She is the proud mother of a rescue from Georgia named after Eddie Van Halen.

Carly Johnston

Carly is an intuitive individual with a playful spirit; allowing her to uniquely understand and connect with animals, children, and nature. She is passionate about giving loving, attentive care to any and all living beings. Carly grew up in Tiverton along the Sakonnet River with her two cats Zeta & Zoe, and her vivacious Aussiedoodle, Lucy – where they had easy access to long walks by the water & greenery. Carly loves being active and outside but also enjoys staying inside and cuddling up with a fluffy friend. In 2020, Carly graduated from Wake Forest University; following graduation, she moved to Charlotte, NC where she became the lead singer of a neo-soul band. Carly continues to stay busy developing her craft, auditioning, and pursuing various creative projects all while enthusiastically providing empathetic & energetic pet care.

Crystal Sweetney

Crystal is originally from South Florida. She is a proud military wife and mom of 3 amazing kids and 3 rescued fur babies. She has spent over 13 years working in animal medicine and animal boarding. In 2019 she became an animal portrait artist to share her love of animals with others. Some of her passions in life consist of photography, art, and animal advocacy. She know’s the importance our pets play in our lives and promises to love them all as her own!

In Loving Memory - Chris Eddleston

This year Petscort lost one of our team tragically and unexpectedly.  Chris Eddleston was a talented musician, a fantastic employee, and a good human being.  He was loved by animals and humans of all types.  He will be missed greatly.